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FIlter press for wine industry

We started new product line AMHR 500 a 630 filter press for wine indutry. pruduct brief

wine pressure1wine pressure2wine pressure3

Free space optics

Free space optics works like wireless radio link. Communication takes place between two points using an infrared light beam at a distance of several hundred meters to a kilometer at speeds up to 1Gb / s full duplex. Free space optics are always paired devices on each side one of coupling device. More info here.


Chemical WWTP Ruzyne Airport

We have produced and delivered chemical treatment plant for the Prague Ruzyne Airport servicing, washing and cleaning aircraft.


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Monitoring device


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Supervisory service in conjunction with the monitoring device allows precise localization of persons in the event of accidents, assaults, threats, or other health complications when moving on the ground, outside the company, the home and inside buildings. Supervision is suitable for example: for workers in the field of security agencies, delivery services for business executives, families, seniors, disabled people, pets and etc. Monitoring device offers not only obtain the exact location of the person, but also allows data and voice communication with that person, or connect other devices, which monitor the health status of people and some danger to health or life due to adverse effects of the surroundings. Combining with 24-hour supervisory service of call center ensures the device, if necessary, immediate response to a specific request of the person who uses the monitoring device.

Content of supervisory service

Red button: emergency supervisory service

Supervisory service of persons (can be for the elderly, sick people, pregnant women, disabled persons or otherwise handicapped persons, workers in dangerous occupations or workers that are needed to monitor their movement outside of the buildings) allows you to summon help in an emergency, health problems, falls, immobility, assault, etc., not only inside the building, but even when moving outside the building. Group of phone numbers set on the monitoring device can create his own surveillance and communication circuit or can connect to the operation of the call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In a crisis situation, sends the monitored person using the emergency button the alert either to a call center or to the company responsible for worker. The device allows voice communication in both directions, for staff call center or responsible persons in the company, discovers status of the monitored person and if necessary contacts the person or organizes professional help. Call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow independent monitoring of connected persons and to protect life and to secure the life in buildings and terrain. If necessary it is possible to continuously monitor the movement of people through an integrated GPS module for finding the exact location on a map from the internet. Call center or responsible person in the company has the possibility to communicate with the affected person even if the person is unable to control by herself the monitoring device. In difficult terrain and at night it is possible to activate on device a siren for faster tracking the person. In case of more serious health complications the system in the future allows connection of (wireless) devices that monitor vital functions of disabled people and allows connection of spatial SOS buttons in case for sending messages when the monitoring device is charging in the power station and the disabled person has no possibility to control the device. Monitoring device can be used even without supervisory service for companies that want to monitor their workers in dangerous work themselves or they want to monitor their workers movement outside buildings, in carrying out their duties.

Orange button: sending messages out of call center

Sending messages out of call center offers to send the notice to workers, relatives or friends on selected phone numbers, when is not necessary to burden directly the call center with the requirement.

Green button: sending messages with a request for additional services of supervision

Additional service means help with solving of all problems with which the person using the supervisory service needs the advice or has a problem to provide its by himself. It can be an accident in the home, providing the repairs in the home from verified suppliers, providing advice when signing contracts, assistance in communication with the authorities, to ensure cleaning, transportation and food purchases, providing necessary information, service of monitoring device, etc.

Description of personal device

  • Protection IP65 against splashing and dripping water.
  • Fixing of monitoring device on hand with removable silicon strap. Choice of color straps (red, orange, green, white and black). Width of straps allows buckle the strap even people with limited finger dexterity.
  • Three function buttons labeled with color according to relevance of sent notice. Each of the buttons allows the assignment of 6 possible groups. Each of these groups can be assigned different functions. This function can be programmable according to user requirements. These function buttons also perform function of accepting or rejecting call and increase or decreasethe call volume.
  • Sending the alert in SMS via function buttons labeled with color to a pre-selected phone numbers saved in 6 groups with posibility to store in the memory. Together it can be 64 phone numbers.
  • Notification „Cry for help" consists of sending SMS with the las recorded position on the call center and then dialing the call center. After sending SMS is blocked sending more SMS on 60 seconds to answer the call from call center or from person that the message was sent.
  • After calling back from the call center will be automatically picked up the handset on the monitoring device with posibility of communication between the call center and user or posibility of interception of call center, for example in case of robbery.
  • Determinating the location with system GPS is in the monitoring device provided by AGPS with rapid locating position.
  • Continuous recording coordinates of location depending on the defined value changes in time and defined value of position, whichever occurs first.
  • Possibility to start / stop the siren when tracing the user in tangled terrain or at night by sending SMS with the command on monitoring device.
  • The battery life in standby mode is 42 hours (± 5%), according to the age of the battery.
  • Possibility of voice and data communication between monitoring device and call center. The device enables communication via GSM and data communication via GPRS.
  • Remote recording of software and firmware to a monitoring device.
  • Possibility of entering user data (user data for the conclusion of contract for services, phone numbers and text od SMS) via web interface.
  • Remote recording of user data (possibility to change phone number, where are send the information, possibility to change the ringtones, possibility to change the tags definic the composition of SMS sent from monitoring device using a function button) to a monitoring device via simple web interface.
  • Possibility of tracking the monitoring device on a map using a web interface.
  • Automatic voice alerts about the low battery („Charge battery"), loss GSM signal („Signal lost"), sending SMS messages („SMS sent"), with the posibility of adding another voice information.

Possibility to add:

  • Sending an alert „Cry for help" from the critical places of the apartment (kitchen, bath, toilet), even if the device is being charged and the user cannot use it. This otion will be available in the formo f extending the basic set.
  • Detection of fall – falling sensor and sending alerts to call center.
  • Using a vibrating motor replacing the ringtone of monitoring device.
  • Possibility to add a radio module, which ensures turning on GPS in case of removing the device from power station and for posibility of extending access (wireless) device that monitors vital funtions or exit the demarcated area.
  • Possibility to add on expansit modules for monitoring the health of users ort he environment of users.

Price: 200 €